Why program hacking is better than sex

1. You can crack a program for many hours continiously.
2. Programs have no periods when you may not crack them.
3. You needn't buy new soft every time you want to crack a new program.
4. Program never asks how many programs you cracked before and how old you were when you've cracked your first program.
5. You can crack several programs simultaneously.
6. You can crack program and eat, watch TV or read a book at a time.
7. Program never says "My last hacker cracked me longer".
8. Faster cracking is better cracking.
9. You can crack programs in presence of your parents, friends and teachers.
10. After cracking a program you can (and want to) crack another one immediately.
11. After cracking a program you have no spinal ache or stumbling gait.
12. One cracking is enough for one program.
13. Nobody makes you marry the cracked program.
14. You can give a crack to your friends or sell it.
15. If you are tired of cracking a program, you can stop and return to crack from this point next week.


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